Thursday, July 23, 2009

"What I did over my spring break"

I'm in my classroom, listening to the gorgeous sound of rain pounding on our roof while the Ting Tings sing "That's Not My Name." I'm cleaning my desk out-- really, there's not a whole lot to do for next year because Caroline helped me one LONG afternoon before I went on maternity leave, throwing stuff out and organizing since I wouldn't be back before the end of the year. Mostly, I'm just straightening, moving stuff around, putting up a new bulletin board (thank you Melissa-- that thing is such a pain to do alone)...and being in here like I am, not pregnant, because I was literally pregnant all last school year. From probably the second or third week of school until April 24.

Sometimes I respond to daily writing prompts with my kids, and while throwing papers out I happened to find one of my responses. I know it's sad, but I wanted to record it here. Excuse the topic-- we were laughing at the old school "What I did on my spring break" writing prompt and decided to do it as a group.

On mine... I slept. I'm not kidding. I looked at Spring Break and said, "You are a quilt" and I tied it around my body and buried my face in it. I told my husband that I would be sleeping the entire break. I told my mom. I told all friends who wanted to meet for coffee or lunch: I'll be asleep. I'll be watching movies or re-runs of the Housewives of New York. And sleeping. And probably eating. But the eating thing has gone away. Replaced by severe heartburn and a kicking, rolling, big, beautiful baby who is wanting OUT! So my spring break? Was it cold? Did it rain? Was there snow? Not in my dreams or in my quilt. I was asleep, happily gestating and waiting for my baby to come...


Ben, you changed me in so many ways. How I wish you were here with me today...

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