Monday, March 30, 2009

Freshman cut-downs

Today, we were talking about chronological order in writing (they're freshmen, you know). So I asked them, as part of their writing warm-up, to describe their morning routines. Some of them were hysterical and we learned a lot about each other. But the one that stuck with me was written by one of my boys-- we'll call him "C"-- who talked about what happens when he gets on the bus. I couldn't help myself-- I started laughing before I realized that I should probably launch into a speech about bullying...

"So then I get on the bus, and I usually sit back on the, like, 15th row, you know. And me and my boys, we always cut up on this one kid who wears these really bright no-name shoes. See, he got this hurricane symbol on his shoes, so we call him 'Category 5'..."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Romeo and Rapunzel

This one is dedicated to Brick:

Part of the intro process for reading Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet:

Me: Okay guys, Romeo & Juliet is a pretty famous story. What do you already know about it?

Boy: Ooh, ooh, um, ain't that the one where she has long, long hair and she throw it down to the ground and the wolf, he climbs up it and eats her? And she's been spinning wool or something?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby pic again!

Okay, here you can see his little head and his little hands, which he was moving all around. He actually turned toward us and I was hating that this wasn't the 3D scan, but no big deal: we'll see him for real in just a few weeks. I'm officially 8 weeks from my due date... oh my gosh. That's huge.

I'm off to bed for now, but I've been thinking on some things lately that I want to jot down. I'll be back in the next couple of days to do that.

Until then, let this bit of freshman wisdom tide you over: Did you know that Indians (Native Americans) did not bathe because they were afraid of water? Yes, according to my girl Ericka, that's the "God's honest truth."

One of my boys advised me to put that down on my list of dumb things freshmen say. Done, Hunter :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby face :)

Can you see him? It's kind of hard to see, but-- and you know me, so you know that this had to be a relief from something, though you might not know what-- i'm happy to report that it looks like my child has a normal little face.
See, they keep trying to get him to pose for a profile shot. Even though he is not born yet, I'm getting to know something about little buddy here: he is not easily manipulated. He keeps his head facing my spine whenever someone wants to take his 3D pics for us because he was asleep and wouldn't wake up when they tried to take it...and woke up about a mile down the road and danced and played for the next hour after i left the place :)
But there was this one picture... i learned a new word yesterday when they took this shot. "artifact." At one point, it looked like his skull had this crazy crack across it. the ultrasound tech is just moving along, chatting with us and pointing stufff out, but you know me-- i'm thinking "OH MY GOSH!! do you see the CRACK across his head?????" when i asked her about it she told me that it was an artifact; just some shadow or stray mark in the image. anyway, there was a picture back when they were first trying to get his profile, around week 20, maybe, and it scared me.... he looked like cro-magnon baby. he had all of these crazy sharp lines for his nose and upper and bottom lip, and his head seemed gigantic. the technician was cooing over it ("looook at your precious wittle boy") and i'm thinking, "i will love him no matter what, but Lord help him!!"
but this week, in this picture, i see from his face that he has a little squished up nose (and have been counseled by a few that he won't even look like this when he's born-- everything's distorted in the amniotic fluid) and two eyes and things don't look angular at all. sigh. he's okay.
bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me. ALLLLL that is within me :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I heard this in the hallway this morning between two female students before school. The girls were standing side-by-side, primping in front of twin mirrors hung in their individual lockers.

girl 1: [holds up finger in front of the other girl's face without taking her eyes off her reflection in her mirror] Girl, you know what the Bible say. It say 'love your haters.' That's all and that's all.

girl 2: I guess...