Saturday, June 20, 2009


for some reason, mornings were highly anticipated by don and me before Ben was born. i have no idea what it was we were looking so forward to...maybe something. well, i mean, i have an idea: early morning times when everyone is just awake and happy and before things have started moving...

so mornings are sort of bittersweet around here sometimes. and even though we've both been blessedly home-- maternity leave turned into bereavement leave and my precious husband has acted as counselor, nursemaid and pastor for over 6 weeks now-- it's uniquely saturdays. even though each day is much like the one before it, being on the crappiest "vacation" (it's pure bliss being together, truly, but for the worst reason ever, is what i mean) either of us has ever gotten to take, saturdays maintain that certain feeling. every day of the week can feel like saturday to a teacher in the summer time, but saturdays always seem to feel like saturdays no matter what. and ben should be cuddled up in the bed with us, warm and cooing and smiling (or crying) with us.

that's all. just thinking.

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