Saturday, May 30, 2009


Some sweet things:

* Don's trick of keeping a pack of gum in the sleeve of his robes every year at graduation.
* mom checking in and stopping by "just to look at you"
* daddy's blog and notes
* the teddy bear my friend Rebekah P. sent through her mother-in-law when i was in the hospital, so i wouldn't have to leave with my hands empty. i've never, ever been a stuffed animal kind of girl (okay, since being pregnant with Ben i've been known to buy really cute stuffed bunnies or lambs...), but this teddy bear ended up in my bed when i was in so much pain when i first got home from the hospital.
* friends who come to just sit on my couch but whose feelings aren't hurt if i don't always answer the phone :)
* the mail lady-- she has this little daily routine where she puts the mail in our boxes (we're in the country-- there are a couple of boxes beside each other) and then pulls up beside the fence across the road and gives doggy treats to the mongrels who live there. it's so sweet. she even does it in bad weather. that's one trick for making friends with your enemy!
* the new friends we've gained through this process-- there is a whole remnant of mothers and fathers who have lost babies... i had no idea that this society existed, and definitely no idea that i would one day join it. there is such tenderness in these bruised hearts. i'm starting to see a trend in something that might just be incredibly precious to the Lord...
* job, ecclesiastes, and psalms look entirely different to me. there is a whole dimension to the Word that i had no idea about.

the sun is out, too, and the humidity is down. i love the rain, but it's good to have days like this, too.

i miss my child, and that's good, too, today.

His splendor covers the heavens, And the earth is full of His praise. His radiance is like the sunlight
Habakkuk 3: 3-4


Mary said...

sweet samantha - love it that you're smiling, knowing that if you begin this way, your heart is sure to follow. there is a lot of truth to that proverb - "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine."
thank god for the things that are ministering to a precious one in the country (even the postlady). xoxo!! =)

Rebekah Hudgins said...


I hesitate to post my thoughts after your beautiful journaling. I don't want to muddy your sweet offerings.

Today, I want to say that your journey changed me and changes me a little more each day. Thank you for being opening to healing in a semi public way. It makes Baby Ben's ripple resound in ways you can't imagine, but ways that make you proud.

I can't wait for my hug, xoxo,