Saturday, December 13, 2008

And then all is fine!

Fear is so fickle. It never tells you when it's going to show up, and then it leaves and doesn't call again until you have no time for it.

Today, no fear. Most days, no fear.

Until day before yesterday, when I started thinking about labor. :) But I have to admit, that was rational, "oh my gosh, you'd better get thee to a labor class thingy, and quick" kind of fear.

And today, I bought maternity tops. WEIRD!! But cool, too.

This whole thing is blowing my mind all the time. And can I just tell you, people treat you like stinking royalty when you're pregnant? My have-been pregnant friends know this already. I suppose that I have also made much of pregnant women in the past, but it's really precious. I'm not showing really, yet, to anyone but myself (stuff fits funny, etc.), but my friend Paige and I went shopping today and she's hilarious-- she tells everyone. Suddenly, people get really, really happy. The waitress at Longhorn's brought us EXTRA bread :) straight out of the oven and made sure to remind me that it was multigrain and good for me and the baby. A cashier at another store decided to give me a short dissertation on breastfeeding and the proper time to introduce cereal. At school, I've heard kids say, "Dude, be nice. She's pregnant!"

That's my favorite.

The only complaint I have today is this: I would LOVE Bailey's Irish Creme. It's not something I ever want, really. But today, it would be yummy. I'll settle for cocoa.


Mizpam said...

I love that you're getting the royal treatment - especially as a "dude"! Wish I could be there to enjoy this season with you -glad to have things like blog and FB to help with that. Love lots!!! said...

"... decided to give me a short dissertation on breastfeeding and the proper time to introduce cereal." i will go away now, giggling at that for some time, thanks Sam. love to you, lynnelle