Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Enfamil

Dear Enfamil,

Thank you so much for reminding me today that my son does not need this sample. Thank you for bringing it up again and again. Thank you for not removing me from your mailing list, even though I sent what I thought was a fairly clear and well-put note. And how did you get my new address? It was sent directly to this very house-- not even re-routed. Thank you for marking time with me-- he would be eleven months. Thank you for making sure that I did not forget that. I'm sure that, without your monthly reminders (between you and the complimentary Parenting magazine-- again, did not sign up for it; have no idea how I'm getting it), I would completely forget that my son is not snuggling into his little bed tonight.

Appreciate it.


Steven said...

This won't let me comment under my own name (since I don't have a google account), so I'm using my husband's. It's Megan from Pearlmusic! :)

My conversation with Parenting Mag went like this:

"Hi I got a bill for this magazine I didn't ask for. Please don't send this again. My son is dead."

"Oh... oh... I'm sorry. We'll delete your account."

We'll see if that works. Good grief.

Andrea said...

I called them-they will not bother you anymore-DO NOT MESS with a grieving GRANDMOM!!! Sue at Infamil apologized and really seemed to hear me-let me know sweet Girl-I love you and Benjamin so much!! MAMA