Monday, October 6, 2008

Up late

Hm. For some reason blogger won't let me give this entry a title. No big deal.

I'm up late. Thinking. Hungry. Blown away by the pictures in the book Don and I were looking at tonight-- "In the Womb" is the name, I think. It's a National Geographic book, I think, and it follows the growth of a baby from conception to birth, with some of the most fantastic (in the truest sense of that word "fantastic") images ever.

Did you know that right now my baby has a face??? Oh my gosh. A face. And little tiny hands and feet. And it's the size of a grape, about 1 and 1/2 inches long. That its little placenta is now doing most of the work of balancing hormones and providing perfect amounts of nutrients and oxygen, etc., to the baby.

I can't sleep, I'm so amazed at this. This is a miracle.

I mean, okay-- I'm sick all the time. Who cares??? I'll get over it-- and this little person is my reward!!


Wow. Imagine how God feels? Watching this kind of thing over and over again, breathing life into it (wow-- I have my spirit in here, the Holy Spirit in here, and my child's spirit, hanging out inside me, growing every second). It can't ever get old. I'm sure it doesn't.


kristin.mccown said...

I's it amazing to think about what is going on inside your body? Even though I can now feel Myers moving all the time it still blows me away that there is a person growing inside me! It is truly a miracle!

Mary said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Sam!! I am blessed to receive regular updates from your sweet Mom and am cheering you on!!
Blessings, Love!!

Samantha said...

thank you mary!!! i didn't know you had a blog-- i am totally going to get that book you spoke about. i just finished a tear jerker by anne rivers siddons and need something a little lighter :) PLUS i am a major sucker for book covers-- that book is gorgeous.

Samantha said...

kristen, i can't wait to meet your baby-- can you imagine how much fun we'll have at salem this summer with all of the babies around? hilarity will ensue :)