Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I tend to exaggerate, but I am telling you now that the following statement is no exaggeration:

I was almost killed in a car accident today.

On the way to work, I pulled out of our street onto a road that people (including ME) tend to fly down. Before I pulled out, I looked right, then left, and then I ignored the wise words of Jiminy Crickett and did not look right again.

The next thing that happened was really weird.

I stayed in the left hand lane. I mean, normally when you turn left you turn into the right lane, right? But I stayed in the left hand lane-- everything was so strange. There was no traffic coming from that direction, fortunately. I sort of turned to look behind me (why??)before I corrected my car into the right hand lane and at that moment (literally 2 seconds after I had turned onto this road) a champagne colored Suburban came flying past me, going way too fast, but also in its lane....

How did I not see that thing? I pulled right out into it. If I had not somehow stayed in the wrong lane for 2 seconds I would have at the very least totalled both of our cars, and I should say again, the Suburban was going FAST. I drive a pretty average sized car but would have been toast. And it would have been my own fault. Unless I simply didn't see him because he was driving way too fast and came up on me too soon.... I don't know.

But all day I've had flashes of how close I came, and how miraculously my life was saved. I can only imagine some supernatural force holding my car in the wrong lane (this is the same exact spot Don wrecked his truck this summer and busted up his birthday kayak) for the seconds I needed to be there. But I started praising the Lord right there and have just been thinking about this baby and the fact that the Lord saved HIM for sure-- a wreck could have been so bad for him, even if I wasn't crazy hurt...though I just don't see how I could have been anything less than badly hurt.

Wow. Thank you Jesus.

And the other thing is this-- and I know it sounds trite and cliche-- but I wonder...who do people thank if they don't have Him? Do they thank the heavens? Do they thank goodness? Man, I needed to thank someone today... I had to thank HIM.

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Tom said...

Hey Sam; I'm thanking the Lord as well as the legion of angels he must have assigned to you and Don! I vote for you guys moving as far away from that intersection as possible.''