Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some cool kids I know

Apparently, people under the age of 28 don't know what Balderdash is.

And I can only say that the fault must rest on parents and older brothers and sisters everywhere. At the same time, it was lovely to be the one to introduce the game to some of the coolest, smartest and funniest people I know.

The Availables (our 20-30 something group that changes identities faster than Martin Short in his one-man-show) got together for a post-Thanksgiving shin-dig a la casa de Swaney this past week, and it was fun as always-- though we were fireless this time, much to Bryan's chagrin.

Here are only a couple of pictures from the evening-- being on dial-up cramps my picture posting style like crazy.

(<-- Grizzly Swaney) Oh, and the annual New Year's Eve Scrabble Fest is still on, as far as I can tell. Same place, same table, same night, different champion-- the guys have beaten the girls for the last 4 years now. This is serious.

Also, we found a new room to meet in today. But it's a secret. See Bryan, Kevin, Whitney or me to get directions to the super secret location and you must swear to not give it away, lest we be ousted. All are welcome (as long as you fit our strange demographic), but only a few are privvy to the map...

Meanwhile... remember that "thank you" is the password into the holy of holies.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chandler's quilt...

Will post some images here later, but have to remark...quilt-making is not quite as easy as I had imagined. And not for the reasons I might have guessed.

The biggest problem I am running into is figuring out how to pair fabrics. Seriously, I have this stack of gorgeous fabrics that I bought from the BEST quilt fabrics and supply place in Conyers, Sweet Home Quilt Shop, owned by the mother of one of my Springs students, and I can't figure out which patterns go best next to which ones...

Anyway, I think that I have decided, and as an artist I'm fairly comfortable with the quilt being kind of quirky and funky. In fact, it's sort of what I am hoping for. But I'm dreading the moment when I bring the pieces up to Melissa's shop in order for her to help me finish it... I just know those expert quilters are going to laugh their heads off at me!!

Still, I am keeping constantly at the back of my mind those awesome quilts (Gees Mill) that were on display at the High Museum last year. They were sort of wonky and beautiful. I'll just say that that was what I was going for...

Right. In my dreams.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Was instructing my kids on "theme" in my literature classes last week and asked them to do a writing exercise that sparked my own thoughts.

Theme is a tough concept to get, really. When looking for the theme of a movie, story or song or something, you aren't really asking for a specific "subject" (depression, etc.), but for something more general and more broad. A teaching I have heard and which I use suggests that looking at the climax in the story/song/etc., is the way to find the theme: you find the theme where you find the most intense conflict.

I asked my kids to examine their short lives and see if they could detect a theme so far. Admittedly, it was a tough assignment. Their answers weren't great, and I didn't really expect them to be. But when I began to think of my own life...

We have more than one climax, right? (Oh, there are jokes there)(and don't think that I don't see the faces of my little hormonally explosive 9th and 10th graders whenever I talk about climaxes. I usually make sure to couple that word automatically with the word "story." Story climax sounds less, well... anyway)

Anyway, here's where I'm headed with that: if you had to name a theme for your life, what would it be? Could you look for the moments of greatest intensity or greatest conflict and detect a running theme? Tom & Jerry (cartoon) sport a theme that has everything to do with the fact that your size and appearance don't matter-- it's what's going on in your head that matters. Or it could relate to counting on the underdog to make it out alive every time.

But for us? How do we respond to conflict? And do we revisit the same kinds of conflicts over and over again? It seems that, if we will truly begin to examine this question, we might become convicted by the Holy Spirit about things we previously whined about ("why does____ always happen to me, Lord?"), or we might find ourselves encouraged over the way that He has worked in our hearts.

More on this later...

Friday, November 16, 2007


Sat beside a dear old friend tonight in the fellowship hall of a dear old church tonight and worshipped in that place.

God is a God of restoration for all who choose to embrace it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One more thing

I have to add to my list of things I am happy about: Jonathan's blog. If you have a minute, you MUST check it out. He's hilarious (so is Chuck on Spectre Collie), and his pictures are really amazing. He's on the Grand Tour in Europe and has blogged some great notes on it.

that is all!


Walking through the commons area (when I was a kid, I thought that word was "Commisarea")(um, "kid" meaning 9-12th grade...) yesterday, I overheard one of the sweetest exchanges between kids that I have ever heard.

Two boys were talking-- one was a dark-headed boy with CP who is in a wheel chair, and the other was a tall, strawberry blonde football player. I've seen the boy in the wheel chair fairly often-- he's a very outgoing freshman and it seems that quite a few of the kids know him. I hadn't seen the other boy very often, but he was wearing a football jersey and I know that he's a senior.

Boy in the wheelchair looked up at the senior and asked, as I was walking by, "Is it true that football players get all the girls?"

i could have fallen down over how cute that question was!

The football player, caught a little off guard, sort of shrugged his shoulders and smiled down at the other boy and said so tenderly, "I don't know about all that, but hey, you know, you're a nice guy-- we probably have about the same chance with the girls!"

I wanted to stay to hear the rest of the conversation, but there was no way to do it without being obvious, and I didn't want to interrupt their moment.

Sometimes, I am completely undone with the kindnesses children show to one another.