Tuesday, November 1, 2005


I've been thinking. What are we doing? I'm mulling it over and over in my mind and heart, and yesterday I just had to sit and think for a minute, all alone in the auditorium here at school, about what we know and how we know it and what we should be paying most attention to, and I realized that I am up to my eyeballs in what certain people say or don't say, but I must must must get to what Jesus says. To be like He is and to cry out to Him for wisdom to see the way He sees. You guys, this is a good prayer. To pray that He would cause us to look at things the way He sees them.

But there's a price for this prayer, and we should be forewarned: Jesus was so moved with compassion, so saw people for who they really were and who they could become, and so saw the destiny of the Father on their lives, that He laid His very life down so they could be saved. His very life. How can we do less?

Because He wasn't just willing to lay His life down because He loved us, but primarily, because He loved His Father. He didn't choose to obey because of His love and affection for mankind, but for passion for His Father and His will. If we begin to fall in love that same way, begin to walk in faith that same way, we will say yes to laying down our lives for those whose worth and likeableness we do not instantly see, because we also aren't doing it for them but for Abba-- to be like Jesus, we know we must be consumed with love for the Father.

If we see with His eyes, and if we ask for His heart, we will be moved to do as He did, to love as He loved. If we will submit to Him, His wisdom. Without prejudice, without exception, we will begin to love as He loves, to live as He lives... only then will we be free and wise, and we will be captive-- but bondservants, people who choose to handcuff ourselves to our Savior, who have tasted His sweetness and acknowledge that we have nowhere else to go but to Him and with Him and it will radically re-order all we do....

This is the direction I have to head in. To take my flesh and tell it to shut up and obey, and to take my heart and tilt it the way it wants to go anyway-- Jesus-ward, because He's the only one with the words of eternal life...

I'm thinking. And if His Life takes deeper and deeper residence within me (us, the body of Christ), how can the world resist Him? They are not converting to my political party, church or club. But simply falling in love with the One whose heart aches for theirs. And that's it. And that's everything.

love you--