Friday, October 7, 2005

Gallery Talks

Did you ever wonder why cucumbers are cool? Me neither, until my 100-level Biology professor assigned that to our class as a research project. Now, just so you know, this will be the only site which google will find when you type in "why cucumbers are cool". Well, I'm actually wrong about that. There's some other article out there, but it's a religious thing. OH-- so is this. Looks like the church is the ONLY place interested in why cucumbers are cool!!

So why am I writing this instead of studying? Instead of working on my ever-expanding, universe-imitating Senior Seminar? Instead of pulling together a paper for another class? It's all about perspective, people. My brain is about to shrivel up and fall out of my ears (hydration, mucous membranes, diffusion...), so I need to take a second and reflect on the fact that my Father created cucumbers and sloths and the planets. No, not Tom Hudgens. He's a great guy-- Dad of Dads, but he doesn't hold the expanse of the universe in his hands. No man does. For me, that takes the pressure off a bit.

This is mid-term time, and I want everyone to pick something awesome-- cucumber, some crazy planet, an author you might read for FUN (what?), the pure existence of something so sweet and wonderful as coffee, a cute guy/girl, my husband :)-- and "Selah"-- pause and think about that. Let's get out of ourselves just for a second and consider how fortunate we are, how the Lord has done so many amazing things for us. Look what He's done for us. Hard things happen, but we don't have to earn a lifetime lived with Him. The greatest artist of all time brags on us as His dearest creations.

Last night, we had a gallery opening-- everyone was nervous. Even me, a little, though I didn't admit it to the others in my class-- it's always good to have at least one person on the boat who isn't petrified, so I'll volunteer. ACTING like I'm not nervous usually makes it a reality for me. Anyway, the artist I had to present to a gallery full of people (FULL-- it was a great turn-out)is this amazing woman named Julia Fenton-- major pioneer in the art world, in the nation, and particularly southeast. Her work is a bit controversial, or a little hard to digest until you understand what she's doing and why she's doing it. Then it's clear. I felt like such a grown up when I got it. Anyway, I stood before her work and had just prayed that she would feel honored by what I said. I saw her face smiling at me in the crowd, and I sensed that she approved of what was said. Then my talk was over and we moved on to the next-- she came to me and told me she loved it. Here's why I'm writing this--

All day long, we stand before the creation of the greatest artist of all time-- our own Maker, our own Great Parent, our Father-- and present His work to the masses. Do we think, really consider what we will say about it? Our classmates, our families, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.? Are we as interested that the Artist we are "speaking for" agrees with what we say about what He has done? Do we research the information He has given us about Himself so that we are accurate in our presenation of who He is and what He has done? Are we hoping that He will walk over to us after we have presented on Him and His work and say, "Well done. I loved what you said"?

After the talk, a young woman came over to where Julia and I stood, and she asked a question about the artist's work. Julia looked at me, smiled her lovely smile, and said, "Here, you explain it to her" and squeezed my hand.

This is the Great Commission.
i love you guys--