Friday, January 13, 2012

"Get a dictionary"

...and sometimes, they're crazy smart, too.

Here's how the first five minutes of one my classes went today-- I'm changing the names of the players, of course, and imagine this conversation going really, really fast:

Me: Alright everybody, take a seat. TAKE A SEAT. Please take out four sheets of paper.

Kevin: Four sheets of... hey, wait. [notices projector screen, which tells him that he is taking a practice writing assessment today] WHAT? NO. Mrs. Swaney, I can't handle this today. You didn't tell us this was happening.

Me: Kevin, take a seat; you'll be fine.

Kevin: No, you don't understand. I have test anxiety. I'm about to pass out [I should mention that this child is never anxious about anything] Look. I'm shaking.

Me: Then it was a gift to you. Me not telling you saved you hours and hours of anxiety. Take a seat.

Kevin: [standing, arms overhead] This helps me breathe. I'ma close my eyes and breathe deep.

Me: Are you familiar with the word "histrionics"?

Kevin: histor--what?

Anne: What does that mean?

Me: [to Anne] There's a dictionary on your table-- look it up. You'll like it.

Kevin: [to himself] Just breathe, just breathe.

Anne: "Histrionics" it is: Histrionics. Dramatic representation; theatricals; acting. Behavior or speech for effect, as insincere or exaggerated expression of an emotion; dramatics; operatics. [laughter]

Joey: Kevin's a drama queen.

Yeah, Joey got a Patriot Point for that one :)


Jennifer said...

oh to have a nanny cam in your room.... we could win the big bucks on AFV!

Samantha said...

haa!!! either big bucks or we'd be in TROUBLE! one of the two!!! ha!!

Esteez said...

Ok, what is a Patriot Point?

Samantha said...

:) A Patriot Point is a reward system that I use in my classroom. I stole it from my husband-- his school mascot is a bulldog, so he uses "Dawg Tags"-- our mascot is a Patriot, so... :)Anyway, kids get Patriot Points when they say or do something brilliant in class. I especially love to reward a kid if they come up with a new idea about a topic we're covering. They hang on to the little ticket we give them and then they can attach a ticket to a test or quiz they feel nervous about and want extra points for. I had a kid try to cash in ten Pat Points on one test last week... yeah, no. They can attach up to two, but no more. They will straight up fight for one of those things. It's hilarious!

Samantha said...

And OH YEAH, just looking back at this entry and realized that I should mention that "Kevin" (not his real name) doesn't honestly have test anxiety. I do have students who struggle with that and we take it seriously-- Kevin wasn't seriously worried about that test. I wouldn't have given him a hard time if he had been seriously freaked out :)