Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall break-- a list

I love this old screen door. It's hand-forged
and a little tattered, but it stays.
 It's the last day of fall break.

Here's what I have done this week:

* Read two books
* Made lunch and supper several times (Don made breakfast most days :))
* Made several attempts at cleaning the house
* Went shopping a couple of times (except that I'm really, really cheap, so I never buy anything really)
* Slept in
* Prayer team
* Coffee on front porch with Don
* Started a cool project for Christmas (more on that later)
* Spent a day at school, working in my classroom. I love working in my classroom when no one is at school.
* Front porch with friends (almost chilly enough for blankets a couple of times!!)
* New baby niece was born (baby Caroline to join Ella)
* Almost nothing else that was productive :)

It was so warm all summer-- I'm wondering how long I can keep these ferns alive. I want to see how much bigger they can get, too. I'm going for EVEN BIGGER next year! It is important to note that until the last couple of years, I have not
been able to keep plants alive. The fact that these ferns are alive is a big deal-- the fact that they are nearly three times the size they were at the beginning of the summer...we could practically apply for "miraculous holy site"...
One of our fall traditions: Mums go into planters the first weekend in October!

The trees are finally turning. I was so worried about these trees in the intense
heat of their first two summers, but they're thriving!

Don, carrying tools to what will soon be the fire pit.

We have a fantastic plan for this old shed. When we first bought this place, it was crammed full
of all kinds of crazy stuff-- some treasures, mostly junk. But look at it! It has so much potential!
I wonder sometimes if God sees parts of my life that way... Hm...

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