Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love it

Okay, I just have to say that I love my home. LOVE it.

It's an old, old house (built in 1880) that we renovated (I say "we" but I really mean our good friend Chuck, who is amazing) (there it is, in a photo from this past winter... so cozy). Chuck made it happen in just over four months... can you believe it? The house had been completely empty for over 35 years. And the Lord... oh, He is good. He knew exactly when to bring this place into our lives. I've loved it since I was a kid, and we bought it just a few months after Ben died. He knew we needed a project, a major distraction, and this was the most precious distraction ever.

We have prayed over this place so many times... together, separately, with friends, our pastor-- we have prayed that the Lord would use this place for ministry. That He would fill it up with His presence. And He has surely done it. It's heaven on earth to me.

But right now it's freaking HOT. I thought high ceilings would help keep it nice and cool in here... but I guess I should stop being such a miser and turn the air conditioning on, huh? :) We have it set to be almost completely off while we're at school-- but, um, it's summer time and we're home and we're having a heat wave in the southeast. Oh, and we're pathetic whining babies, too. We used to be able to take anything-- Don was in the Navy and I was a missionary, for goodness sake! Hellllooooo! Haiti was WAY hotter than this....

Anyway, the thing is, I'm completely stuck, design-wise. Take, for instance, the living room:

Lovely, isn't it?? Right now, though, it's boring. BOOOORING.

The room is way bigger than this, but I'm not on the computer with all the pictures on it right now.

Anyway, it's all very neutral because I'm all about getting cool accessories and all that.

But I'm stuck.

It's like, I am living in the house of my dreams-- literally, if anyone came to try to buy it from us, we wouldn't want a dime. We're here. We love our neighborhood, we love the yard, we love the flow of the house, we love it all. But I'm in here and afraid to scuff up the walls.

Is there some sort of deeper message here???

I keep thinking of that thing people always say-- life is short! Use the good silver! Eat dessert first! Don can patch up any holes you make in the walls! Rearrange the furniture! Buy interesting artwork (this I would have no problem with-- being furloughed last year cut into my design budget BIG TIME)! But I'm frozen! What if I screw up?? I have serious staging fright.

(clever, that bit)

So I'm open to all advice-- let me have it. If you have any cool design websites, I'm all about it. I like midcentury mixed with traditional and orange and red are awesome with me. And if you're an artist and you want to donate any awesome gigantic paintings to the cause, let's talk. The house will be on a tour of historic homes in the winter time and it'll be a cool way to get your work out there.... :)

Post your comment here or send me an email-- it's good either way. I just need HELP!!!! :)


Sarah said...

Sam, have you looked at It is hands down my favorite design blog. All kinds of ideas.

And the house is absolutely gorgeous!

Samantha said...

i'm going there NOW!!!! thank you!

teacherwoman said...

Sam, check out Manolo for the Home at It has some really interesting ideas that I think would fit your style.

Elizabeth said...

OK first of all I love that you call this "Main Street, USA" since that is how I always refer to your domicile! Second of all-just do it! You have amazing taste! It WILL be awesome. That being said you can find really cool, neat, unusual things at estate sales. Watch the paper for them. Mom found some terrific rugs and artwork for nothing.

Samantha said...

rachel, you know my taste perfectly, as proven by the couch in my living room: i'm on it.

liz, your encouragement is priceless and i am wishing you would just come back home and go to those estate sales with me. OH, this woman had an estate sale on andrews (off milstead) a couple of months ago. i totally found a 40 piece set of really good old china-- ivory with a silver rim, really similar to my wedding china. i need to keep my eyes open for estate/yard sales. i need art. and rugs-- bad.

J said...

ok, i know i'm late to the game on suggestions, but girl.... pull out your paint & brushes. you are one of the best artists i know!