Friday, April 23, 2010

Overheard: You betta move

Conversation overheard between two young men in my classroom (scene: "Breon" just came to talk to me at my desk and "Dante" took the seat he vacated. Breon just walked back to his seat and wants Dante to move. "Frankie" is admiring Breon's new-found eloquence).

Breon: Oh, oh, young man, why do you continually put yourself in this predicament? Why must you force me to discipline you? I will be gratefully appreciative if you will just get your sorry a… out of my seat, sir.

Frankie: Ooooh, look at B using good etiquessy. Them was some big ass words you was using.

Dante: Spell what you just said. Serious. Spell it. I ain’t doin’ it if you can’t spell it.

Breon: Boy, you betta move.
Dante: You know why Jason was tryin' to kill all them people in that movie? Cause they was tryin' to take his weed.

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