Sunday, March 21, 2010

Call for prayer: Mike Sweeney

Hey guys--

Calling all people who pray! :)

My mom sent word of a young man named Mike Sweeney who is battling cancer and my husband and I have joined the thousands of people lifting this guy up in prayer. I felt so strongly the presence of the Lord when I read his wife's caringbridge account of what's going on with him--- will you guys believe with us in prayer for the total healing of this man of God? There is something so, so huge about this situation...

Here is his caringbridge journal--

Bless you guys,

UPDATE: Dear friends, this precious man went on to his reward. Please remember his wife (Cabell) and the rest of their family in your prayers. Go to the site above for details.


kristin.mccown said...

Is he a Young Life leader in Rome? If so, he has been on our class prayer list for a long time. One of his college friends is in our Sunday school class.

Samantha said...

hey girl-- he's the one! i don't know him-- heard about him through a friend of a friend. he has so many people praying for him!!!

kristin.mccown said...

He really does have a ton of people praying. From what I have heard, he and his wife are an amazing couple who have touched so many lives and are so faithful!