Friday, February 26, 2010

Overheard: Word of the Day

Sometimes a jewel of a moment just sort of happens to you. For instance, take the conversation I am overhearing. I'm sitting in another teacher's class. Kids are working in groups. One group in the back of the room is completely off task. Here is what they are discussing, minus the obvious "sic" behind most of the words they are mispronouncing... :)

Boy1: Dude, that is peposterous.

Girl 1: Peposterous ain't no word.

Boy2: It's perposterous, you idiot.

Girl 1: Wait, that's not fair-- you got a dictionary and he ain't.

Girl 2: What's the word of the day?

Girl 1: Um... uncombobulated.

Boy1: Uncombobulated? That sounds nasty.

Girl 2: It ain't uncombobulated. It's discombobulated. Like when you're driving with one hand holding a Krystal's [hamburger] and your phone ring and you can't decide what to do. Where you gon' put the Krystal? Should you put it down? Where you gon' put it? Let cell rang? What if it your boo? You completely discombobulated.

Boy1: That's perposterous!


J said...

this is the one thing i miss about teaching.... all the hilarious stories you get to share!

kristin.mccown said...

Oh my gosh, these crack me up! Thanks for making me laugh :-)