Tuesday, January 5, 2010


... sometimes life is like a series of little portraits of moments, if we can get things distilled enough, past all the words and thoughts and ideas... moments of pure "aaahhhhh."

like right now, the way my dear husband's body is all warm and still beside me, breathing soft and slow, piled high with quilts in our drafty old/new house. this man here is a gift.

thankful, thankful, thankful.


Once Upon a Time said...

Are you in your new house?? I lost the invite for your facebook group and have no idea how to find your group. I would love to see pics of all you are doing there. We were home for Christmas, but it was very short. We will be back for Shelby's wedding at the end of February maybe we can pop by!?!

Samantha said...

hey! just saw this! that sounds great-- just give me a call! :)