Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've been gone so long!! I promise that I have not forgotten-- I have begun a couple of blogs that I haven't had time to finish, but I'll do it this weekend... have had a lot on my mind and am eager to get it "on paper." :)

But I had to write, right this minute, to share the funniest little poem one of my boys wrote. I found it on the floor-- he and another boy were pretending like they were fighting, and one of the boys wants to be a rapper so he wrote this long, elaborate rap about how dumb the other boy is. Okay, it was funny and clever, but the response was so cute. The other boy wrote:

Oranges are orange,
Apples are green,
I don't like Stephen*
because he is mean.
He don't really talk
'Cos he got to concentrate
on his walk.

*not his real name

Seriously, they make me laugh.