Saturday, June 13, 2009

Overheard: You Better Watch Out...

At Perimeter Mall last Saturday. The food court:

Mother: [holding an infant, pushing a stroller piled with bags, purse sliding down her arm, trying to reach a little boy of about six with her one free-ish arm] Jon. Joooooon. JON. Jonathan. Jon. Come here. NOW.

Jonathan: [completely oblivious to the fact that his mom is trying to grab his arm, boy is trying to climb the lunch counter] Mommy, can I have pizza?

Mother: Jon, I need you to stand here-- get down from there-- excuse me ma'am-- Jon, stand still please.

Jonathan: Mom, I'm thirsty can I have a napkin I need ice cream where is the toy store look at that bug hey---

Mother: Jonathan, do you know who is watching you? Jonathan, Santa is watching you right this minute. Do you really want him to see you acting like this? Thank you, come stand over here. I mean, really. Santa is everywhere, you know.

Well, dang. That's hardcore-- bringing out Santa in JUNE!! Apparently she didn't appreciate how funny that was-- I had to laugh when I heard what she said and she totally glared at me!

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