Monday, March 23, 2009

Romeo and Rapunzel

This one is dedicated to Brick:

Part of the intro process for reading Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet:

Me: Okay guys, Romeo & Juliet is a pretty famous story. What do you already know about it?

Boy: Ooh, ooh, um, ain't that the one where she has long, long hair and she throw it down to the ground and the wolf, he climbs up it and eats her? And she's been spinning wool or something?


BCF said...

I heard thats going to be a movie: "Romeo and Little Red Riding Rapunzel"

Samantha said...


J said...

I would either get fired for calling that kid an idiot!!!! or get stiches in my tounge from biting it so hard to not laugh in his face!

Samantha said...

oh, i laughed-- and so did he when he realized that he had just crammed a couple of fairy tales into the story. it's a pretty laid-back group of kids, fortunately. seriously, it would be bad if i couldn't laugh!!!!! :)

Frontera Girl said...

Dude, my kids kept calling Juliet Rapunzel too. Like OMG!