Friday, January 23, 2009


I was having a conversation with one of my classes that is primarily made up of boys and we were talking about guns and safety and the things their dads had taught them about using guns for hunting. At some point, I heard this random comment:

"Did you know that all the deaths in Georgia are caused by guns? Oh, and cancer."


BCF said...

Samantha, I always love these "Overheard" entries. You could make a blog with just these and I would laugh all day

Samantha said...

ha ha!! that's probably because you have a few of your own!!! i have three new ones to post but i have to bring them home-- i always write them down on a pad on my podium when they say them. if a student happens to notice that i'm writing something on the pad they go, "OOOH! She's writing something on the 'stupid things freshmen say' pad!!" :)

Samantha said...

and what i mean by "a few of your own" is that you've been in the classroom as a teacher so you KNOW!!!