Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Captain Vegetable

I wanted to post this really irritating Sesame Street skit about Captain Vegetable, because I really need to watch it and be brainwashed back into eating them.

As of sometime last week, the mere thought of eating a carrot makes me want to hurl. A piece of celery? I'd rather eat snake meat. Lettuce? I can't even stand the way it SMELLS!

What is wrong with me?? A little tiny alien the size of a blueberry has taken over my body!!! I am drinking Perrier (and regular water) and eating crackers all day-- gone is the hummus, in absentia are the legumes, banished are the cucumbers... and there is very little else to eat. Those things I have listed are what I previously lived on. Tonight? Lean Cuisine broccoli (broccoli!) alfredo. It was fantastic. And ginger ale. I made Don move away from me so I couldn't smell his salad.

I could smell his salad.

OH, the drama!!



Tom said...

To: Drama Queen Samantha

I was talking to Diane and Michelle at the PCAR thing tonight. They were asking aboout you and i said that with you we were bound to have a certain amount of drama (funny you mention drama)...........but Diane was quick to remind me of the story of my dismantling your bedroom and moving it outside.........now who is the drama king she said.. I've obviously told that story too often!

Samantha said...

ha ha haaa!!! thank goodness for diane!!! that is such a classic story-- my kids always love that one. i don't think i've told them yet this year... drama king!! ha ha!!