Thursday, June 5, 2008

so, uh...

...does "burn-out" feel like intense boredom and a general lack of vision?

I think I need to do a Bible study ASAP. I actually got mad at my husband today when he suggested that the reason I didn't have a lot of vision for something I've always had vision, passion and excitement for might be the fact that I haven't had a quiet time in...well... shut up-- how's YOUR quiet time?[I asked].

Oooh, testy. Gotta take care of that. When there's very little honey or sweetness in our responses, it could be a key indicator that we've spent too much time away from the source of all sweetness-- Jesus. We can be saved and loving God all day long, but it's so easy to let intimacy sort of, well, fall to the wayside. Like forgetting dates with your spouse. You have to be intentional. It's worth it.

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