Thursday, June 26, 2008

In faith...

You thought I was going to write something deep, didn't you? I know that you have come to expect only the most insightful, well-thought-out musings of a would-be theologian, but alas, even brainiacs like me have common thoughts... :) ha!

So, to the left you will find my new couch. Yes, I found my new couch after my brilliant friend and colleague, Rachel, pointed it out to me. She nailed it, in fact. She saw it and knew that I would love it. Friends, she was correct.

As you can see, it was only one of thousands of nameless, faceless cathedrae, but Rachel called it forth to its destiny: "Hey Sam, you have to see this couch. It's totally you." And behold, it was so.
Only it's going to go through a complete transformation. Kristin and I went to the place to get it (um, did I mention that I paid $15 for it? No joke) and drove it straight to the upholsterer's place. Upholsterer. Hm. Odd word. To be completely honest, I spent about 15 minutes of time on the drive back to Conyers thinking about the word "upholsterer" and wondering if it would be more accurate to call it the "miller." And then I began to think about the surname "Miller" and how cool it was that people drew their names from their professions sometimes-- unless your profession was something having to do with throwing out the garbage or burying people. I remember being in 4th grade, looking up name meanings with Mrs. Redding, whose maiden name was Hudgens, like mine. She had this fantastic way of making me feel smart and interesting-- she was one of the greatest teachers I ever had. She would lean down to me and ask me questions and look absolutely captivated with my answers, proudly reminding everyone that we were "most likely family" and saying things like, "from one Hudgens to another!" all the time. But then there came the day when she discovered that it was possible that our ancestors were likely in the business of feeding pigs. "Hog sloppers, Sammi. But probably the best the farmer could hire!"

Of course, she was just guessing. Later I found a book of surnames that suggeste that the name came from a combination of the names "Hugh", "Richard" and something else, and (it's been a while since I did that research) somehow had to do with spirit, mind and body. I like this better. Very spiritual.

Anyway, our couch is going to kick butt. The shape is GREAT!! Exactly what I've been looking for. But where you see the three sets of three buttons, there will only be three sets of one button, with no gathering. Also, I'm looking for a gorgeous red fabric-- if you're in the Atlanta area, feel free to make suggestions!! You can post it here or email me.

And why did I post this under the title "In Faith"? Because I am putting together the perfect living room in my head... but it's kind of in another house. In a house we would love to have. Maybe one day? Who knows what God has in store? Something good-- that's for certain.

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