Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Ella

Oh my gosh, we are blessed. I have these two stunning nieces and a thousand pictures...

I spent the afternoon with my newest niece, Nathan's daughter, Ella. It's amazing how much she looks like our family. Just like my little brother, and apparently just like my baby pictures, too. It's completely incredible. God is so wise, the way He creates families. You know, I even have a friend who was adopted as a baby and she looks like her birth parents somehow.... I don't know. Anyway, Ella (and Chandler) belongs to us. And it's amazing.






Hm. I think of how much my heart is FOR this little girl and it occurs to me that if I can love her this way, after one afternoon and because she's my blood, how much more does the Father adore us?

And can you imagine Simeon??? When Lucy handed Ella to me this afternoon, I couldn't help myself-- I began to cry. And my beautiful niece is looking up at me with my brother's eyes and just staring at me with the most precious little expression, and I was undone. Can you imagine how Simeon felt when he held Jesus as an infant, knowing that he was holding the redemption of mankind? I mean, I have dreams for Ella to go to Agnes Scott and major in some brilliant thing and live a long, happy, fruitful life, and I can imagine that anything is possible for her...but Simeon held the center of all of our hopes. In his arms. And he was undone.

I can't believe how secure God is, to make Himself that vulnerable. To cloak Himself in a skull that is not fully formed for the first few months, and to live in a body completely dependent upon mortals to feed it healthy, good food and keep it from infection. To be held and kissed and loved, too. I wonder how that felt to Him....

Anyway, off to bed. I'm missing my nieces something fierce. We should get some Swaney babies up in here.


Bonnie B said...

Your insights are so enlightening and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Samantha said...

:) it's fun to have a forum like this one to write in, isn't it? thank you for your words!