Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sometimes adults are so irritating. Especially those adults who HATE to be disagreed with. I have one of those adults in my life. Not incredibly close, but at close enough proximity to irritate the crap out of me. It's that person who was picked on for years, right, and suddenly they get sick of it and SNAP, they become the world's meanest geek who isn't going to take it any more. Ugh. Why is that always the recipe? Why can't they snap to just plain "person with a backbone" instead of "person with a circus tent up their...." Anyway. I'm completely psyched out about having to disagree with her because she is simply not secure enough to be disagreed with and she will be angry. A N G R Y. And she has no idea. It's like the kids say: "Mrs. Swaney, [fill in the name of someone who is completely unreasonable] be trippin'."

She be trippin' indeed.

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