Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Note on myspace

(I posted this on my myspace blog, which I never post to)

So, I only occasionally check myspace now. Facebook feels safer, cleaner, etc., but I leave this open because it has reconnected me with so many awesome old friends and I want to keep that open possibility-- but it's funny over here.

People drop/pick up/block/unblock all of the time, and it's one of the most passive aggressive, insta-tantrum-with-few-consequences things I have ever seen. And I hear about it from my students so often- hearts broken, people angry, posting mean things on each other's walls or gossipping about people's walls/blogs, etc. It's amazing to me how much a part of their (our) culture it has become, and how getting dropped from a friend's list is like being dumped-- by a friend. Crazy.

I remember in high school I turned into a serious, serious wench to one of my two closest girl friends. Don't ask me why-- I honestly don't have an answer. Years later I was able to apologize to her, but that friendship will never be the same and it's alright, but the thing is this-- it simply ceased to exist, that friendship. There were no fireworks (well, there was one awkward conversation in a bathroom, but other than that, nothing), it just...stopped. It wasn't "official."

But if the same thing happened today? Oh my gosh. It would be all over our friends' myspaces. What I couldn't do to her face, I might have done by silently dropping her from my friends' list. I might have blocked her from seeing my pictures or reading my blog. I might have left weird comments about her on our mutual friends' walls. She might have done the same to me.

I know I'm not discovering anything new-- this is all over the press and parents are so aware of cyber-bullying and stuff, but it just occurred to me that this behavior isn't limited to the teenagers!! OH the stories I've heard.

Plus, I think I have at least one friend on here who stopped taking her medication. Enough said.

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