Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Found Poem

So, I'm doing "found poems" with my class from hell tomorrow (they've gone from "dream class" to "people with the poopiest attitudes I have ever seen" class) and I am so excited. They drive me nuts, but I do like them individually a lot and there are some truly brilliant kids in there. Anyway, here's my found poem taken from listening to America's Top Chef while I was putting together my lesson (I broke my own rule-- no TV while studying).

The judges' least favorite
We’ll start with you
Drunken, magenta, decisions and
we both we both we both.
Sauerkraut, mixed with dreams and plates,
Wanting and words and beer.
From now on, from now on,
Up here

We both like cheese,
She gestured with her hands
We have sore issues,
He sighed and laughed and held her
Future in his hands,
On his plate
It was a train wreck.
The asparagus was just there.
The bread was toasted.
The concept…
Sexuality and bread.
Finesse and executions
She said thank you and sent them away.

The chairs were hard and
They sat down with their beers
And mocked the judges,
All magenta in the face,
Downplaying and introducing and
This is the toughest challenge we have faced yet.

Which is more important? Asparagus or rules?
Cheese or fish?
Laughter or money?

Taste-wise, I would have chosen the beer.

I think we have our decision.
Send them back in.
Pack your knives and go.
She said thank you and left,

Taking all her words with her.

Something interesting that I noted while looking up some info on the found poem form was that the poem is similar to the Pop Art of Duchamp and Warhol-- taking images (here, words) that are put out there for one purpose (commercial, advertising, etc.) and changing them into something else. See Duchamp's Urinal---->

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