Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still sleepy

We're thinking of buying a house.

And I can't sleep at night.

I'm lying awake every night this week, thinking of where I would put this thing or that thing... how I would arrange the furniture, how different life would be away from this gorgeous spot in the country.

There's a real freedom to living out here, as opposed to a neighborhood-- when we have all the kids over, or anyone else for that matter, we have loads of room. And we can make as much noise as we want. I remember one party last summer that got really loud outside, people playing soccer and laughing.... People can park all in our long driveway, no blocking the road or figuring out whose yard stops where and where it's cool to park...

Tonight, we're having folks over to watch a movie outside, on the side of the house-- LOVE doing this. Once, a couple of summers ago, we didn't have a projector so one of my girls' boyfriends (now her husband!) picked up the TV and put it on the front porch-- we all sat in the yard and watched School of Rock. It was hilarious.

But would that be cool in a neighborhood? Would it be too loud? Would I just need to pop over next door and let the elderly couple know that we are having our sunday school class (and others) over to watch movies in the yard so they won't think we're smoking hash and sacrificing kittens in the living room? Would I need to make sure that we finished before 10?

We have so much privacy here. And that's awesome-- but it would be so, so cool to have a neighborhood to walk in... to walk with no fear of getting smushed by a huge flying truck (they FLY out here). Long walks in the evening here are not an option.

But Paige and I stood in the back yard over at the other place last night and it was great-- we could hear loads of birds and it wasn't loud-- seemed like we were still in the country, in a way.

Anyway, it's exciting. Mom says that it seems that we'll be just about overwhelmed financially enough to get pregnant on "accident" now :).

Will keep you updated on this process. It's fun, exciting, scary, completely unknown... still waiting on the bank part is a little nerve-wracking, to be sure. The house isn't expensive (well, more expensive than a pair of shoes, but you know) so it shouldn't be hard.... My friend Tara has been talking me through it... I was proctoring an exam the other morning and she and I were emailing back and forth with all kinds of cool ideas for the house (she and her husband are working on their own house, getting it ready to sell-- they went over and checked out this house that we're interested in and saw the possibilities that we saw).

So I'm sleepy. Not because I lie awake worried-- God has provided us with so much. We have good jobs that we LOVE and feel like aren't "just jobs" but ministry-- but because there's this whole new world of things to which I have never had access before... my own walls, my own fixtures, my own hard wood floors.... Like this enormous studio space that is alllll mine. Or a canvas I am invited to work on.

Also, I'll post pics of my latest stained glass piece shortly. It's... I love it.

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