Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, tonight I was trying to do several things at once.

Not always the best idea outside the studio.

I was trying to listen to the last moments of The Office and talk to Don while he was on his way home from a youth leaders meeting, all while simultaneously sending one of my students an email invitation to our class blog...when I accidentally sent him an invitation to be an author on THIS blog! Yikes!!

Fortunately, after the wave of nauseated reality washed over me, I came to my senses and cancelled the invitation-- mere seconds before he hit "accept" apparently, because I hung up on Don and within literally 3 seconds the phone rings and my student isn't able to sign on. Serious sigh relief.

Except that now he knows where I am.

And it's not about him-- he's a great kid-- and not that there is anything even remotely wrong written here that I would not want any of my students to read, but it's good to keep this bit of my world separate. To have the freedom to rant about them or to praise them, knowing that they aren't reading it and being influenced positively or negatively.

So for now, I'm blocking the site-- just for a couple of days, until he's off the scent. Then I'll open it up again!

Not that anyone will read this, because you've all been blocked.... Hm. A dilemma.


J Andersen said...

I can still read it...

Samantha said...

I'm back now!

Samantha said...

and it was really, really great seeing your face last week!!! i was looking for you after but couldn't find you-- maybe it's becauase communion took 18 hours!!!!!

Gisele said...

you make me laugh:)