Monday, December 17, 2007


It's freezing outside (oh, an old YWAM friend from Brazil would say it was "frizzing") and I can't sleep. One thing keeping me awake was remembering that I needed to pay my cell phone bill, so I got up to do that-- but the operator was a total jerk and I had to interrupt his whole page and a half of his script every ten seconds just to find out that I was in the "wrong department," when the automated teller is the one who sent me there and he was treating me like I had just tracked mud into his white-carpeted living room. I wanted to cuss at him and accuse him of not even living in America, but then I caught myself. He can't be happy about working the phones at T-Mobile at one in the morning any more than I'm irritated about having to call him. It's my own fault anyway. And when I'm done, I get to go back to my warm bed and my 2 million count Egyptian cotton sheets that smell like heaven straight from the dryer and my husband who smells like campfire. T-Mobile guy just gets to hit a button and say "Welcome to T-Mobile, this is ______, ID# 6784023, how can I assist you?" until 7 a.m., I'm sure.

Maybe I should call him back. Apologize for being grumpy.

Well, no. I mean, I'm not being paid to go back to bed, am I? T-Mobile will be sleeping tomorrow when I have to bust three 14 year olds for trying to cheat on an exam and who will take it personally and be highly offended when I tell them to takeoffthathatpullyourpantsuptuckyourshirt

Yes, the Song of the Public School Teacher. Lovely, isn't it? Imagine it to something by Vivaldi.

In other news, my preacher is a goofball and I really adore him. Seriously, though-- he's a goofball. That kind of brilliant, insightful kind of goofball. Like a favorite professor with serious heart. He said today-- and I can't remember how he worked it anywhere close to the sermon-- oh yes: he was thanking God for the rain (Yay God!!!), and he said that yesterday he stepped in a puddle and was terribly frightened because he didn't know what it was!

No, seriously. Cooky goofball. Dude is my age but thinks that I am years younger than him. I have yet to correct him. I like him so much. He's single and every day I resist the urge to even imagine which of my single friends I would want to fix him up with. I respect him too much to even go there. Besides, I am famously bad at fixing people up. If you are single, do not ask me to introduce you to anyone. I will ruin your life. But I WILL pray for you :)

Another thing I'm thinking, by the way, is that I want to be like Mary: radically available to God.

A certain amount of randomness should be expected after midnight.

Back to bed.

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