Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007. It was a very good year.

It's late-- I drank about a gallon of green tea earlier. I suspect that I am not as immune to caffeine as I previously believed...

So my mother has always had good suggestions for insomnia (though I am so thankful that I have never really suffered from that... I have friends and students who have and I think that it would be hellish), and two of them include reading the bible and recounting your blessings. I'm picking blessings right now because I need to go to bed and Don is already asleep on our new fabulous sheets which will ensure that I will oversleep every day for the rest of my life.

Very Good Things.
* it's raining and will rain some more.
* we had thunder yesterday.
* my boy got me some fantastic chairs for Christmas. He thinks that it wasn't a romantic gift. He's wrong. He just doesn't know that line in "Steel Magnolias" where Julia Roberts' character was given furniture for her first Christmas married and everyone was very impressed. :)
* my new car
* the miracle that will be getting my new car in order (long story. i will tell it once it is resolved. but here's this: so far, there's a car finding service i am prepared to campaign against very soon)
* my job. i happen to have landed at the most amazing school with some pretty incredible co-workers. and i love my students. it's good.
* did i mention the rain?
* my sunday school class (the availables, the island of misfit toys, the 20-30 somethings/no demographic is good enough). they just get cooler and cooler all the time. i am so, so amazed at my good fortune. in my life, i have found myself in tight spaces with some of the most intelligent, most interesting people around (with some notable exceptions in Richmond, Va., and about three countries I won't recount here). i could also give thanks for the crappy people, i'm sure, but i won't. that's another late night post.
* THE CONYERS CHRISTMAS ELVES!!!! Dudes, we made the FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWSPAPER YESTERDAY!!!! Oh my gosh, that was so much fun. You guys ROCK!!!!
* my family. oh wow. lucky lucky.
* my niece(s). Chandler gets more beautiful every day, and Nathan and Lucy's little lima bean has a beautiful profile. i KNOW that she'll have red hair, but we'll report back on that in may when she arrives at last.
* don. don don don.

it's funny. so many people use blogs for different things. some for politics, some for rants on very specific topics in life, and some for personal diaries. i have a friend who wrote a fairly scathing commentary on the sense of self-importance that comes across when bloggers just sort of write long rambling posts on only personal stuff. hm. i don't guess i know why i'm writing, but certainly not for the purpose of antagonizing blog-scanners who would criticize! here's this: if you don't care to read, well... don't. no big deal.

i guess my purpose really is directly related to the fact that i need to keep writing and i keep trying to get my writing partners to blog, too-- it's a good place for accountability (did you write this week?) and commentary.

also, sometimes i feel like i have something-- a speck of a thought or feeling-- that i want to work out toward a larger teaching or essay.

and i get comments via email and other places from friends who are just sort of happy to hang out and read something. i'm curious like that, too. keeping up with friends in other countries, former YWAM-mates and Agnes Scott classmates, etc.

anyway, i'm sleepy now. being thankful is very relaxing.

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