Saturday, November 10, 2007


Walking through the commons area (when I was a kid, I thought that word was "Commisarea")(um, "kid" meaning 9-12th grade...) yesterday, I overheard one of the sweetest exchanges between kids that I have ever heard.

Two boys were talking-- one was a dark-headed boy with CP who is in a wheel chair, and the other was a tall, strawberry blonde football player. I've seen the boy in the wheel chair fairly often-- he's a very outgoing freshman and it seems that quite a few of the kids know him. I hadn't seen the other boy very often, but he was wearing a football jersey and I know that he's a senior.

Boy in the wheelchair looked up at the senior and asked, as I was walking by, "Is it true that football players get all the girls?"

i could have fallen down over how cute that question was!

The football player, caught a little off guard, sort of shrugged his shoulders and smiled down at the other boy and said so tenderly, "I don't know about all that, but hey, you know, you're a nice guy-- we probably have about the same chance with the girls!"

I wanted to stay to hear the rest of the conversation, but there was no way to do it without being obvious, and I didn't want to interrupt their moment.

Sometimes, I am completely undone with the kindnesses children show to one another.

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