Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sometimes cleaning house isn't the smartest thing to do...

Have you ever been cleaning the house and you found something you should have found a month ago? Hm. A little while ago, I found something that needed attention like whoa (as my little college buddies would say...) about a month ago. Of course, Don is camping with the youth, so there's no talking to him about it-- my husband is the best person I know. I never had any idea how comforting it could be to have another person, the person you are tied to in this life-long three-legged-race, look at you and say, "Hey, this is no big deal. We'll take care of it." My panic level took a serious nosedive when he came into my life. I mean, don't get me wrong: I still panic. Just not as regularly as I used to. You can't exactly set your watch by it any more.

But it stinks to open an envelope with icky news when you were feeling pretty okay.

So he's not here to toss it over his shoulder and laugh (then pick it up again to make sure it doesn't get lost, mind you), so I prayed (imagine that. Sometimes I think about how my spiritual life changed when I got married. I married a man who was my peer in every way: he prays with and for me, he is on the same page as me 100%, but I find myself looking to him more than the Lord sometimes. My married friends told me about this when I was single and I sort of shrugged it off-- that was just because they weren't nearly as mature as I was, right? whatever).

And when I prayed, I honestly felt that it was going to be alright. That I shouldn't panic and worry.

Remember that old Second Chapter of Acts song? "So why should I worry, why should I fret? 'Cause I've got a mansion builder who ain't through with me yet" My old Christian hippie parents exposed me to the most amazing music, and the Lord seems to bring those songs to my mind at the most precious moments. Here are the lyrics to that song-- and if you've never heard of this group, you need to google them right now and buy a CD. Warning: they are a totally Christian 70's band and they look and sound it. I LOVED them as a kid-- they toured with Keith Green some and they always had YWAM booths next to their album and t-shirt booths at their concerts. I have always loved the focus of this song:

I've been told that there are those
Who will learn how to fly
And I've been told that there are those
Who will never die

And I've been told that there are stars
That will never lose their shine
And that there is a Morning Star
Who knows my mind

So why should I worry?
Why should I fret?
'Cause I've got a Mansion Builder
Who ain't through with me yet

And I've been told that there's a
Crystal lake in the sky
And every tear from my eyes
Is saved when I cry

And I've been told there'll come a time
When the sun will cease to shine
And that there is a Morning Star
Who knows my mind


Finally, here is something I heard this weekend. There is an older professor at Dallas Theological Seminary named Dr. Pentecost-- the interview wasn't incredibly recent, so I don't know where he is or what he is doing now, but he was being interviewed and he said that it doesn't say anywhere that Jesus is returning to take us to heaven... he paused, took a deep breath and smiled (he was blowing my Southern Baptist upbringing in seconds!). "Jesus," he said, "is returning to take us to Himself."

Suddenly, that envelope isn't so big.

Jesus is returning to take me to Himself.

Why should I worry?

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