Friday, August 10, 2007

Week Two: Alive and Kickin'

I had so many things I wanted to say, but they all seem to have flown right out of my ears. I think it's the heat. All day long, I exist in a sort of winter wonderland, cocooned in my little 53 degree world-- until the late afternoon, when I drag myself through those metal doors into the parking lot from hell: it's so hot. Stepping outside is like stepping into an oven set on broil. The Dead Sea was not this hot. It is unreasonably, astoundingly, almost-global-warming-convincingly hot. Hot, I tell you.

But school is cool. My friends, this is where it's at. If you have been wondering where "it" is at, I have found it: it is here. Yes, dear ones, in the land of the Lost Children-- in the community which played host to gonasyphaherpales (hm. wonder how you spell out those diseases.... I'd look it up, but this computer is TOAST and keeps kicking me off), we find some of the best kids I've ever met, and some of the most inspired teachers and administrators. I am beyond lucky to have landed here just out of grad school. I'm lucky like crazy (the pictures you are seeing here were taken the weekend before school began-- it's slightly different now-- slightly more blue-- but this is the idea...)

That's not to say that I haven't had my moments over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday, I starred in the "Oh my gosh, this is what happens when you don't look carefully at the handbook before giving an assignment" Show. The whole class hinged on this one little thing for a variety of reasons. It threw me off for the whole 90 minutes, but fortunately we seem to like each other pretty well and I promised the kids that I would go back to being a real teacher on Monday if they swore not to tell their parents about the tragedy which was 7th period. We all agreed. And it was good.

There's more, of course. I think I've completely jacked up my attendance records for the last two days, have completely neglected to turn in to the office some important forms the kids had to turn in to me, and may have royally hacked a kid off with me this afternoon because I contacted his mom (but I'm okay with that one-- he'll get over it when he makes it to 10th grade because I wouldn't let him fail, right?), but other than that... it's been pretty great. I think I love it like crazy.

So that's that for now. Somebody told me at school today, "Mrs. Swaney, you are one of the happiest people I have ever seen." Well, I have Jesus in my heart, the love of a good man, and a paycheck coming at the end o' the month. What's not to be happy about??


Renee said...

I knew you would be like a fish in water. You are going to be an awesome teacher!

Samantha said...

thank you, thank you!!! So far, it's a blast-- now, week three... :)