Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here's something I've learned so far...

Teachers don't sleep.

I mean, they must sleep sometime, but apparently I have found myself soundly among the norm during this season of sleeplessness. Don't get me wrong-- I'm exhausted, and school hasn't even BEGUN-- but my mind doesn't quit after my body has. It seems that I have to sneak up on it-- go to sleep at the red light, during Dateline, while my husband is telling me something important. I have to catch my body off guard and attack it with ten seconds of this sort of twilight sleep, then I'm back and raring to go.

Raring to go. Where did that phrase come from? Racing horses? Or some little known Olde English reference? Should I know that? What if some kid asks me that? I should google it or refer to my whatchamacallit class in grad school...linguistics or something about the history of English.

Meanwhile, I really wish I could find this awesome book of quotes I lifted from someone else years ago. It's around here somewhere. I used it for some posters we made for Honor Court a couple of years ago, about abolishing plagiarism (great posters, if I do say so myself). Now I'd like some really encouraging quotes to put on my wall and I can't find the book. That's what I get for using it to strike fear in the hearts of potential cheaters at ASC, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the search for quotes. Will post pics of the room shortly-- it's looking pretty good. I keep thinking, though, that I cannot remember any decoration of any kind in my high school classrooms. I remember middle school and elementary school, but nothing for high school. Weird.

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