Saturday, June 30, 2007

Updating blog

Just a short note-- I'm in the process of bringing my myspace posts over to this blog. You'll note that there are about 10 new blogs reaching back to April 2006.

Oh, and we also had rain. Second day in a row! Happy ferns are living on my porch!!


Jacquie said...

Sam- Thanks for posting these blog entries. Before this blog, I'd never known you kept one. Besides, I've been meaning to thank you for posting anyway. Your thoughts and reflections sound perfectly off my own moods, and I always feel more grounded from reading your blog. You have a real gift with words. I wish I had a better way to say thanks.
Hope all is well,

PS- if your life every brings you to Nashville, give me a buzz. :)

Samantha said...

:) thank you so much for the kind words, jacquie! you always encourage me-- and if i ever make it nashville-way, you can bet on it that i'll call you! i love that town. my granny grew up there, went to that old high school right in the middle of the city, before she was whisked away by my papa at the tender age of 16, moving to the mountains of east tennessee and becoming a farmer's wife!!it always blows my mind how a serious city girl made that transition. enjoy yourself-- it's a great town!