Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a room with a view

for some reason this summer, i feel so tightly wound. there are other moments, of course. last week with seymour, sitting at that table on a perfect afternoon up in winder, talking about God and both of us enjoying having no papers due :), but those other moments... i spoke earlier of transition. that's what it is. there's more to it than i have words for right now, and it's all good stuff, but it's why i'm making myself write. here and in my real journal (the real kind with pens and leather and no batteries and can be used in coffee shops).

that feeling of being so, so tightly wound can get overwhelming sometimes-- and then i am reminded of the goodness of God. a wonderful husband and home, amazing family and good friends --these are like a balm over the stress... and then i look up from my desk and this is the view from where i sit....


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