Monday, April 30, 2007


yes, friends, it's on again. last week, or for the first three days of last week anyway, i slept a total of about 6 hours. i was in good company-- most of us in my program were burning the midnight oil and several of us were sending each other text messages into the wee hours of the morning just to make sure we were not alone. that part was kind of fun. anyway, i'm too old for this business. at some point, after all this is over, i'm going to run down my list of things i have discovered that i am too old for, but which i can still do passably so it's okay and i don't feel like i'm even close to a mid-life crisis yet.

still, there is the question of the paper before me. something about black aesthetic critical theory, double consciousness and postcolonialism (maybe-- that might not make it in there b/c i would also really, really need to give props to du bois and i don't have TIME for that and i think my eyes are giving out) and the Black female character's journey, "moving from victimization to consciousness" all relating to Alice Walker's "Everyday Use." you know, it's a shame how truly fascinating this is because i'm missing it with all my brain-tiredness.

but this shapenote singing from the cold mountain soundtrack is fantastic for keeping me in the mood for this paper.

that and my aveda tea. mmmmmmm.

P.S. the ferns are alive and kicking, as is the lavendar. so far so good.

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