Thursday, July 20, 2006

Soon it's gonna rain, I can feel it...

long time, no write. this whole myspace-facebook-crazyprofessorsassigningtoomanybooksfortoo little time stuff has had me not checking our blog--- and i'm not the only one!!! anyway---

Just wanted to let you guys know a couple of things:*Derek and Amy are OUTTA HERE, leaving early early Sunday morning. If you feel like helping out, they may need it on Saturday, loading up the moving trucks between fits of weeping (on my part). Let us know if you need directions!

*I'm having a "Shin Dig in the Yard" a mi casa next weekend, me thinks. We're going to try this one more time: movie. yard. you. me. a billion mosquitos (actually, they haven't been bad this year!). we need to make this happen before all you UNDERGRADUATES go back off to your respective colleges and universities!

*some of you met my friend emmeline at the last shin dig (her boyfriend is Bobby, who had the brilliant idea to put the tv on the porch-- yahoo bobby!), but whether you did or not, check out her blog: .If I knew how to post links here, i would. anybody know how?

How's everybody doing? I'm going to set up an availables group on myspace, so if you're on myspace and we aren't "friends", let's mend that!!! if you just type in Samantha Swaney you'll find me-- let's hook up!

love you guys--

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