Tuesday, June 13, 2006

two things

the last couple of years, i have learned many, many new things. i have learned which gas station has the creepiest attendant at certain times of night (sometimes, "hello my lovely girl" doesn't sound as sweet as one would like). i have learned that it's pretty funny to make your step son a cup of coffee with salt instead of sugar. i have learned that i am the only living person who can open my car door. i have learned how remarkably funny and loving the people i go to church with are in the most desperate of situations. i have learned passable spanish. i have learned that it's okay not to be great at spanish. i have learned that i can write a paper on a book (or two, or three) that I have not finished reading. i have learned that it's good to provide tea and scones during a class presentation. i have learned that it's very stressful to fly by the seat of your pants ALL THE TIME, but it can be refreshing to do it sometimes. there's a pun there somewhere. i have learned that it's just nice to wash your face at night-- not to avoid wrinkles or anything, but just because it feels good.

but really, there are two things i have recently learned that just floored me. in studying for the GRE (which i did for a week and a half)(only a week and a half)(i don't want to talk about it), i discovered that i have been using the word "prosaic" incorrectly for a long, long time.

yesterday, i realized that i have never, ever understood what it meant to deconstruct anything. i swear my professor is reading myspace.

if so, you rock, dr. radel! :)

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