Sunday, February 12, 2006

What the bleep...?

Hey all!

Well, what a cool night we had last night-- Amy made phenomenal brunswick stew and we all discovered that the Kirbow's living room is PERFECT for a movie/conversation night. Plus, there was banana pudding.

So, I've been thinking about the movie and the things we talked about afterward, and I think it got us to talking about some interesting, important things. I am very interested in the scientific discussion of quantum physics (Stephen Hawking and CS Lewis address, with different vocabulary and world views, the possibilities and ramifications of other dimensions, just to name two of many), and I think that to me, this was where some of the most valuable topics seemed to attach themselves. What about the possible (probable, I say) existence of other dimensions which do not register to the naked eye, all around us? What about the possibility of many things happening in many dimensions around us at the same time???

This is a conversation we could have kept up last night, but it was late (way after midnight) when people had to drive back to Decatur and babies had to go to bed and we were sleepy but all still wanting to talk, so I'm proposing a Part Deux-- what do you think it should look like?

I wanted to add that I did a little research on the movie today and most of the contributors (chiropractors and all) were members of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment with JZ Knight. Finding that info shed some light on why I was feeling there was something manipulative going on, but i couldn't put my finger on it (the fact that they are all members of the same "faith"). Basically, I'm with Ashley on some major points, and one of them is this: I'll take the science if you'll make it smart and worth researching, and let's pull that apart for further study. But as for the stuff that began to feel So, some questions I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on, and maybe we can kick around over coffee: Do you feel like there was any sort of New Age proselytizing for this Ramtha "prophet" (the source of the "observer" idea)? Or do you think it matters? If not, why not-- if so, why? What makes it relevant to us as believers? Is it relevant? Or, if it's not relevant, is it still important? Do you think this is a reflection of the current religious/spiritual world-view (western)? Will knowledge of this world view help to inform our discussions with those who are seeking answers to live and living and all that? Do you think this is current with seekers today?

I'll post a couple of the sites for you guys to check out, one of which is the official movie website. I look forward to hearing back.

love love love!

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